Welcome to the photo album of our beautiful 46 foot Hatteras

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Johnny, Captain Bill, Shane and myself!

Another day in paradise! Opening day of lobster season, 2004!

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Click here for the Parade Of Lights fun!

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opening_day_1.jpg (165733 bytes) halibutday.jpg (173531 bytes) IMG00014.jpg (297983 bytes) Click here for the Parade Of Lights fun!
Shane&Aubry.jpg (158755 bytes) 2009_bug_day.jpg (169302 bytes) Jeffs_big_one.jpg (131203 bytes) Bugs.jpg (290766 bytes) Tim catches the first Yellowfin Tuna on Bone Cruncher!
Eileenss_bugs_small.jpg (2166 bytes) A_big_one_1_small.jpg (2112 bytes) Loving_this_one1.jpg (109310 bytes) 2009_bug_day2.jpg (139490 bytes) 2 hands full!.jpg
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